Economic Reports and Regional Economic Profiles

The Divide Between Rural and Urban America, in 6 charts

The work of AAE faculty Tessa Conroy and Steve Deller is featured in an article that in the past 4 days has run in several national outlets including The Conversation, SF Chronicle, US News & World Report, and PBS

Oscar Mayer Closing Highlights Madison’s Complex Relationship With Manufacturing

Matt Kures of the Center for Community & Economic Development weighs in on some potential impacts of the Oscar Mayer plant closing in Madison.  

Quality of Life Indicators

When most people think of the places they like, they think of a host of valued attributes. Yet, most analyses of a region or a county typically use a narrow set of indicators. When it comes to capturing the totality of what makes a place attractive and vibrant we should consider culture, attractions, environment and […]

Transform Milwaukee Initiative

Transform Milwaukee is a public-private initiative led by the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA).  Transform Milwaukee focuses on restoring economic vitality to Milwaukee through a variety of business, workforce and transportation development strategies.  CCED Community Development Specialist Matt Kures and UW-Extension Milwaukee County CRD Educator Angie Allen continue to be a part of […]

Rural Wisconsin Today Publication

The second annual Rural Wisconsin Today publication was unveiled at the recent Rural Summit (see above).  This publication, a joint effort of the Wisconsin Rural Partners and UW-Extension’s Center for Community and Economic Development, offers a status and trends of rural Wisconsin.  It addresses: population, employment, income, farming, education, and housing.  The publication and supporting […]

Where do most jobs come from?

An article in the Wisconsin Indicator series “Our real objective is not just jobs but productive jobs.” ― Milton Friedman, Free to Choose: A Personal Statement According to, businesses moving to Wisconsin brought 4,515 new jobs to the state annually between 2000 and 2012.  During that same period, existing Wisconsin businesses that expanded added twenty-one times […]