Community Preparedness & Resiliency

An empowered community is a place where:

  • Residents hold a common vision of their collective future
  • Leaders identify and resolve issues
  • Organizations and institutions anticipate and adapt to an ever changing environment

The CCED provides several programs that help communities to prepare for economic development action that empowers their community.   Resources are available through them for identifying and improving a community’s profile for the future.

Quality of Life Indicators

When most people think of the places they like, they think of a host of valued attributes. Yet, most analyses of a region or a county typically use a narrow set of indicators. When it comes to capturing the totality of what makes a place attractive and vibrant we should consider culture, attractions, environment and more.

First Impressions:

All too often people and organizations say that they want to improve. But they go about it the wrong way. Too much self-evaluation and too little outside evaluation may mask real problems and opportunities. First Impressions offers an inexpensive way of determining what visitors think of your community. Volunteers from two somewhat similar communities agree to do unannounced exchange visits, becoming “secret shoppers” for the day to discover what they can about their sister city.  The final report provides an outsiders perspective of your community as it might be perceived by a prospective business, potential resident, or tourist.

Wisconsin Housing and Foreclosure Data

The Wisconsin Housing and Foreclosure Data program offers updates on foreclosure rates within the housing market.  It also presents controversial topics such as whether foreclosed houses should be torn down, and how housing affects the community.  Here’s the latest from our Housing and Foreclosure Data:


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 Economic Snapshots:

The Center for Community Economic Development staff in conjunction with Wisconsin State Journal writes a weekly Economic Snapshot article printed in the Sunday Business Section. Browse the snapshots by topic to see a brief outlook on how a specific sector of the economy is doing at this time.

Community Indicators:

Community Indicators are intended to stimulate thoughtful dialogue about your community. They can help identify potential issues, opportunities and problems facing your community.


 Historical Progams:
Northern EDGE

The Northern Economic Development and Growing the Economy (EDGE) program is a demonstration project  that contributes to building foundations for local job growth and business development in twenty-nine (29) targeted counties in Northern Wisconsin . This demonstration project focuses on building capacity, creating economic and workforce resources, and stimulating business and industry activity.  These goals were achieved by combining three components: Profiles of Best Practices, Market Studies Reports and a Fund for New Initiatives.

 Historic Broadband Resources:

Since it’s creation, Broadband has developed into a separate program. Current information can be found at their new website at The Broadband Initiative aims to secure broadband networks for communities across Wisconsin. These historic materials present information on the creation of the Broadband Program as well as resources discussing the importance and economic effect of Broadband.

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