Quality of Life Indicators

When most people think of the places they like, they think of a host of valued attributes. Yet, most analyses of a region or a county typically use a narrow set of indicators. When it comes to capturing the totality of what makes a place attractive and vibrant we should consider culture, attractions, environment and more.

cover-shot-Kewaunee-1_optKewaunee County Quality of Life Report – (pdf, 41 pages)

This 2012 Quality of Life Report for Kewaunee County incorporates a variety of measures that speak to the quality of life in the county.

 Quality of Life Indicators – (pdf, 46 pages)
This 2007 report summarized measurable quality of life indicators for the Madison, Wisconsin region.

This is a 2014 powerpoint presentation discussing how quality of life indicators can be used as an economic development tool.

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