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econquizlogoThe Econ Quiz is published every Saturday in the Business Section of the Wisconsin State Journal.

All quizzes are 1 page PDF’s.

FEB  New Hampshire Spending,
2016 JAN Resolution: Pay Cash for Everything? What impact will raises have on Wal-Mart’s bottom line?Total tax burden 2015, Highest tax revenue 2015, Oil dominates this economy
DEC  Brownfield Site Tax Dollars in WI, Gas seems cheap, but is it?, Black Friday vs. Small Business Saturday, Is Amazon taking over the retail world?
NOV  ‘Tis the Charitable Giving Season, Charitable Giving Season Part 2, Thanksgiving Essentials from Wisconsin,
OCT Women at the TopThe Land of OpportunityFood Away from Home,
SEP Where do Madison workers live?  How many live and work in the same county?  How many student loan balances are over $100,000?  How many US workers over age 30 earn minimum wage?
AUG What group is driving the raise in households living in rentals?  What does Iran have in proven oil reserves?  How much will families spend on back-to-school items?  What is the No. 1 Corporation in the world worth?
JUL What state topped CNBC’s business list?  How much did state lottery ticket buyers win in 2013-14?  How many hogs does Iowa produce in a year?  How many households in Wisconsin are “traditional” families?  What is the current rate of home ownership in the US?
JUN In what agriculture area does Wisconsin lead the nation?  How many are saving for retirement?  How does Greece’s GDP compare to others?  Broadband, and lack of it, in Wisconsin
MAY Just how large is the state’s largest school district?  How do you define unemployment?  What local entity, started in 1984, spurs 3,800 high-paying jobs?  How does state milk compete with other top commodities?
APR  Small business is big business in Wisconsin
 2015 JAN
2014 DEC Tis the Season, The Ghost of Christmas Just Past
NOV Thanksgiving Shopping–The Numbers
JUNE Dane County’s Disappearing Farms, Working Weekends,
MAY Picking Winners: Mutual Funds, 401K Fees, Vacation Homes,
APR What industry ranked 3rd in labor productivity growth?, What percentage of U.S. households owns an IRA?,
MAR Longest Bull Market, Cheese Heads 2,
FEB Cheese Heads,
 2014 JAN Airline Cancellations, Who earns the minimum?, Charitible Giving II,
2013 DEC ‘Tis the Season, UPS Seasonal Workers, How is the federal poverty threshold calculated?, What adds more new jobs in Wisconsin?,
NOV Are you one of the 1 percent?, Winners Take “Almost” All,
 OCT Women CEO’s


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