EDA University Center


What is the EDA – University Center?

As a U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration (EDA) University Center, the University of Wisconsin-Extension Center for Community and Economic Development (CCED) receives Federal financial support for research in specific topic areas of community and economic development in Wisconsin.

The Economic Development Administration competitive selection process resulted in funding of $750,000 over five years for work and activities focusing on specific aspects of the state’s community and economic development.  The grant funds are distributed based on matching efforts in the CCED—every dollar from the EDA must be matched by University of Wisconsin-Extension spending on effort and activities for the University Center.


What Will We Do?

The University Center’s research and educational team will advance research and community assistance, specifically focused on better understanding regional economic change, entrepreneurship, innovation, labor markets, economic resilience and proactive strategies to affect the local economy and community quality of life.

The University Center will conduct applied research resulting in evidence-based educational and outreach materials that will be disseminated across the state through publications, online platforms, and educational workshops. Alongside rigorous, peer-reviewed publications, topics will be analyzed in foundational, data-driven reports, policy briefs, and fact-sheets. This tiered approach to publication is designed to suit the needs of several audiences including county Extension educators, local practitioners, policymakers, journalists, and residents of Wisconsin.   In addition to publications and educational materials, the research team will host a series of educational workshops and professional development opportunities for economic development professionals throughout Wisconsin.

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